Society for the environment and socially equal life
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SESEL's objects:

For an environmentally friendly economy in harmony with nature.
• To support an economy which is in harmony with nature.
• To support environmental friendly technologies and industries and support them against opposing lobbys.
• To support environmental care, refuse utilization instead of waste disposal, the production of recyclable or biodegradable products and other efforts for the prevention of waste.
• To support alternatives and efforts against air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, light pollution and artificial unhealthy radiation.
• To support renewable, clean and healthy energy and energy self-sufficiency.
• To support efforts for an organic agriculture, agriculture in harmony with nature in opposition to monoculture.
• To support nature reservations and conversion efforts of deserts and fallow land.
• To support the protection of the sea and oceans against exploitation and pollution, to support non-polluting alternatives.
For a society where all people are of the same value and can have a socially equal life.
• To support alternatives to the predatory capitalism and supportive systems from it, to make predator capitalism obsolete.
• To support efforts to eliminate interest-bearing debt and alternative financing to interest-bearing debt.
• To support non-profit entities that serve to meet people's basic needs and provide basic infrastructure as well as efforts to take over basic infrastructure from for-profit companies.
• To support free basic medical care with natural cure and efforts to keep people healthy.
• To support free ethical education in harmony with nature.
• To support the freedom of the people and the freedom of information.
• To support the financial independence of municipalities and regions.
• To support and protect the family as the smallest social group.
• To support that all people are of the same value.
• To support de-militarization efforts and efforts for a non-violent world.
• To inform the people about the spiritual laws and how to live in harmony with nature.

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