Society for the environment and socially equal life
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• For an environmentally friendly economy in harmony with nature.
• For a society where all people are of the same value and can have a socially equal life.

Most charitable organizations and non-profit entities fight only the symptoms rather than the causes of this catastrophic world.
SEBEL is proposed to work against the causes rather then the symptoms.
The main cause is predatory capitalism and other supportive systems.
Also environmentally friendly technologies and industries cannot succeed because of very strong lobbys supporting out-dated technologies and industries which are desastrous for the environment and the health of living beings.
A further cause is lack of information of the people.

To fulfill its purpose and objects capital is required now, fast!
SESEL is looking for persons and entities to become capital provider.

Details for capital provider
Capital provisions are possible soon, please subscribe.
Terms and conditions:
Provided capital is provided interest-free and without return demand. Re-payment requests can be processed only if there are reserves.

Risk disclaimer: Consider a loss, SESEL is not liable if a re-payment is not possible at the requested time.

A financial contribution of EUR 240 or more is considered a capital provision and the capital provider can become a sponsor member of the society with the duration of 1 year per EUR 240, maximum 12 years.
A lower financial contribution is considered as donation however it will be credited as Beneficiary Claim with the chance to get the funds back.

The provided capital will be either used for own activity (information service, research, development and other supporting services according the objects) and for financial participation at affiliated entities and proposed subsidiaries.

Please subscribe now!

SESEL is in formation in Austria proposed to operate worldwide.
If you would like to participate actively please contact.

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Only for those who are concerned:
Dear sleeping sheep! We are on the way to the slaughterhouse. Don't you see it? Wake up please!
Why don't we get together? So that we can turn back, back to the flower meadow!

When everything is polluted, poisoned and exploited, then you will realize that you can not eat money!