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Donation (Amounts minimum 24 EUR but below 240 EUR)

Compared to other donation-requesting organizations a donation here means a gift with the chance to get it back.
For a limited time it is even possible to get a return because the amount is credited at 1.25 per 1 initially.
Amounts are credited at the iduzone as BC - Beneficiary Claim.

How to donate:
Please register at the
Then login there and go to the payment page.
Then please use the contact form here and inform about your payment with your ID-name and amount in the subject line to get credit in BC.

Thank you for your support!

Capital Provision (Minimum 240 EUR)

A capital provider can become a supporting member of the society with the duration of 1 year per EUR 240, maximum 12 years.
Terms and conditions:
Provided capital is provided interest-free and without return demand. Re-payment requests can be processed only if there are reserves.

Risk disclaimer: Consider a loss, SESEL is not liable if a re-payment is not possible at the requested time.

Capital provisions are possible soon, please subscribe.
This means that you notify that you intend to transfer in total up to the subsribed amount to the SESEL's bank account, there can be one or several payment requests.

The amount is credited at the iduzone as SE - Society Entry.
SE can be converted to BC anytime, recommended at the present conversion rate, or withdrawals can be requested if needed.

Thank you very much for your support.

Active Support

An active supporter can become an active member of the society as long as the supporter is active supporting.

If you think you can support the society actively please first become a verfied user at the iduzone (minimum contribution 24 EUR).
Then please contact here to notify that you want to become an active member and how you can support the society.
At problems please contact also.

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